Friday, June 29, 2007

Pacing yourself

So...have you ever had someone say to you:
"You really need to take time for yourself"
Yeah, right....well, they're right!
I know, I's hard enough being a caregiver without taking the extra time to carve out time for yourself...but it's worth it.
I'm actually taking a day & going away with my husband tonight.
Yep, it's only a day, but even THAT is a break.

There's NO WAY to pace your self with caregiving.
Pacing yourself implies that you know where/when the end of the race is.
As caregivers we don't know when it will end.
For some it's a sprint, for others (like yours truly!) it's a marathon.

But finding even a few minutes...hey even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom! ;-) be by yourself or with someone you like spending time with, it's worth it....OK, the bathroom analogy can be taken a few ways from here...I'll leave it to you! ;-)

oh...and yeah, my "52 Fun Feats for Caregivers" e-book is chock full of great ideas! ;-)

Really....don't try & "pace yourself" just do something nice for yourself...your caregiving duties will be there when you get back!



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