Saturday, May 26, 2007

...and the fun continues.... has been a while since I posted...I'm sorry about that!...but Caregiving gets in the way of blogging!
As an update....PT went REALLY well...I'm actually in better shape than I was before I bulged-out my disks. I was given some great exercises to do by my Physical Therapist..and What a Concept! I'm actually keeping up with them!

But things with Mom have been a challenge...
In Monday May 14th she decided to try & get out of bed by herself ....not a smart move considering she's paralysed on her right side and is 1 week from turning 90.... Result? Free ambulance ride to the ER....after 4 hours of waiting (ONLY four hours!)...X-rays show a non-displaced fracture of her right shoulder....and she was sent home! I love our health care system....she's in a sling for the next 4 weeks....Orthopedist was seen...had to have a CAT scan done to confirm the x-rays (they were confirmed!)....rails now on her bed...Thank goodness for small favors in that it's her disabled side so she still has use of her "good" left arm.....

Bottom line: transferring is even more of a challenge with this...well...actually EVERYTHING is more of a challenge with this!

The lesson...remember that with Caregiving, things can change in an instant.

I was interviewed for the next issue of TAKE CARE!, the National Family Caregiver's Association newsletter (free to Family Caregivers by the way! go to to sign up for it) and I had just told the reporter that with caregiving, you always have to plan ahead, but then be ready to have those plans change!....Fun, huh! ;-)

Anyway, I plan on getting back to updating on a more regular basis...but then again...plans can always change!....

Hang in there!


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