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"Fun Links"
YES! Caregivers Are Allowed
To Have FUN!!

Here is my - ever-growing- collection of  links that help keep me "sane!"

You'll find inspiration, fun and just plain silliness at times!

If you have any sites you think would be a fun addition to this page email me!


Fun            Goodies           Inspiration

Entrepreneurial Inspiration      Music

YES, I Love to Ski! - I check these sites daily from October through April!
...Now, on to other fun stuff!
  • MovieFone
    • When was the last time you saw a flick? GO!

We all deserve to treat ourselves to some goodies!
  • Starbucks
    • Yes, my local Starbucks is a great place to peoplkewatch and just sit and relax. You can even just get a regular cupo without all the extras and take a breater.

We all need a daily dose of inspiration!
  • TUT = Totally Unique Thoughts
    • "Thoughts become things....choose the right ones!" Because dreams do come true, and all things remain forever possible! I look forward to the "Notes from the Universe" every weekday!

Entrepreneurial Inspiration
When I became a caregiver, it took over my life.
When I decided that I wanted to regain my life and my love of life, the wonderful women who run the websites below were instrumental in my growth. And they still are! They continue to show me that work and fun are not mutually exclusive! What a concept! If you are considering striking out on your own, or just want to be inspired by a great bunch of people, check out these inspiring websites.

  • Entertaining The Idea
    • Alice Barry is the ultimate idea artisan!  She's a great source of support and she can help you put together an awesome event to promote your business! Become a part of the community of Inspired Entrepreneurs,
Sit back, relax and listen to either one of these great Internet Radio Stations! (you may have to register first - it's free - but the tunes are worth it!)

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